Vanessa Del Fierro: Pistolas Y Leyendas (2015)


Guest Musicians:
Robert Casillas: Accordion, Bass, Harp
Jose Perez: Drums
William Carlton Galvez: Vihuela, Guitarrón, Violin
Haydn Vitera: Electric Guitar, Violin
Julian Gamez Arizola: Vihuela, Guitara on “Mexican Train”
David Ortiz: Trumpet
Mariah Del Fierro: Vocal Intro for “The Llorona”

I had the very distinct pleasure and honor of receiving an invitation to a CD Listening Party for Vanessa Del Fierro as she released her latest work. Being that it was by invitation only, I figured that this was going to be vastly impressive.

I have known Vanessa Del Fierro for over a year now. I knew she was very talented, but I would honestly have no real clue as to how true that would be.

When I had returned home from the listening party, I took advantage to listen to the physical copy of the album that she graciously signed with sincerity and admiration.

I have heard  the song, “Maldito Pistolero” before as she has performed it live. But a studio recorded version of it, I had not heard. I was just as impressed, if not even more.

You don’t necessarily need to know Spanish to enjoy this album. Some knowledge of it is going to be helpful to understand the lyrics, but it is not needed for the overall enjoyment of this record. Music speaks a universal language that enters into our very soul.

My own knowledge of the Spanish language is faulty at best, but I still believe that for the universal music lovers in the world that this is definitely an album that is a must have for 2015.

Del Fierro’s vocals are an absolute joy upon the ears. Her range goes farther than the imagination and the power and conviction behind them are nothing short of excellence.

From mariachi style to the music in the Latin culture and back again, “Pistola Y Leyendas” reaches out and connects with one and with all. No matter where they come from or their background. There is something on this album fitting for everyone.

Other personal favorites are “Mi Novio Pancho Villa”, “Runaway Campesino”, and “The Llorona.”

If “Runaway Campesino” does not get your body in motion and your booty a-shakin’, then you are at a loss.

“The Llorona” of course is about the legend of “La Llorona” which is a predominant legend, mostly throughout Texas. But in other places as well.

This song is very beautiful and at the same time very haunting. It causes the hairs on my body to stand on end and goosebumps all over.

But as I said earlier, my personal champion of the record is “Maldito Pistolero”… which gives me that shock wave of fervor and sense crawling up and down my spine and all the way inside my brain to where my eyes produce tears. (I proved that to be true at the listening party as I was caught in public while I wept.)

And in this opinion, the album can be played at just about any event or function for everyone to enjoy and have a great time. This will definitely be played at some parties in the coming years.

The album is available on Google Play and iTunes.

I score this 99 out of 100.  I am sure that it will be your favorite as well. Whether you live and breathe in the culture or just love the expansion of music genres, this is definitely a hit.

Vanessa Del Fierro has one awesome music career. Hopefully one day someone will see or hear her and take her to the top of the mountain because that’s where she belongs.

Download here:

Pistolas Y Leyendas


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