Meeting The Boleys

Music is universal. A language that everyone speaks even if two people do not understand one another’s words. And there is a music style and genre for every body who inhabits this planet of ours.

And now I have the honor and distinct pleasure of introducing to you, The Boleys.

A musical trip that fills the voids of everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they like. The Boleys just outside of Austin, Texas is a spectacular family trio that will soften the hearts of even the world’s toughest critics.

My first taste of them was short in sweet during the 2015 Holiday season during a Toys for Tots concert.

Once they started playing and singing, it was like one glorious genre in and of itself. And it is just the three of them on stage. A family; siblings.

And the one thing that really flipped me out was the fact that the drummer was playing with no shoes. I had never seen that before.

Yes indeed. Ethan, Joe, and Emma Boley are an absolute joy upon one’s hearing. After hearing all the heavy, harsh, and pounding music of Austin’s metal scene… The Boleys is that perfect dessert-like compliment.

This band has a bright future ahead of them. All paths are open and everything is possible! The only thing that I would change about it, is the fact that they are not getting any press. No recognition. And there’s tons of potential between all three members.

The recognition would not be wasted or lost. In fact, The Boleys DESERVE that chance. Even if you believe that their style of grunge, punk, and psychedelic rock is not your thing. They are commanding of your attention.

Their talents run deep into their family tree as this writer understands that one and/or both of their parents were at one point in the music scene themselves. Its in their genes to perform. Its in their blood to entertain. And they just want a chance to rock!

I got the chance to follow through in a week’s time during SXSW Music Festival. With each and every show they performed, they took over the stage and made it theirs. And you could tell that they were giving it their all.

Dear Readers: The Boleys are the real deal!!!

You need to at least check them out. If you don’t, you will be missing something important from life.



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