Inside The World Of Sault

I have felt compelled to write after hearing a live studio appearance of a metal band named “Sault.”

This band was brought to my attention when the band One-Eyed Doll was in town. Guest guitarist Riggs Arcanium (of Arcanium fame) took to the stage during a few songs alongside One-Eyed Doll vocalist, Kimberly Freeman.

After the show, I was pleasantly surprised to have a one on one conversation with Riggs. From that point he told me of this music project he was involved with called “Sault.”

Eagerly, I had been waiting to hear something… anything from them.

Fast forward to the other night where Sault was on live radio by KGFRocks.

Set course for detonation overload.

I feel literally to my knees hearing “Guilt” for the first time. I went back to listen over and over and over and over again.

I would not be able to break the repetitious listening mega fest for too long as the heavy-hitting tune “Adonai” came across the air waves.

Personally I was not aware that Riggs was in charge of vocals at first. But now that I know this to be fact, I honestly wished I had his vocal style as well as range. Other members of the band are from the band Kamelot.

I’m going to make this brief but very clear. You need to go to their website and listen to the selections that they have available and turn that sucker up to twelve!!!

More information as it becomes available. I just felt the need to make this introduction.

TVCS #51 KGFRocks w/Sault

Sault Home Page


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