The Crowned-“Apparition” (2017)

Marc Coronado- Vocals/Drums
Shane Ellis- Lead Guitar
Eric Salinas-Rhythm Guitar
Johnny Danger- Bass Guitar

I got my hands on a pre-order for the album “Apparition” by The Crowned.

You may have seen them touring in Winter 2017 with HELL YEAH. And they’ve blasted off into space ever since.

I am blown away at this album, being that this is the first ever album that this band has ever released. And it remains consistent from literal beginning to end.

This album is brutal!! Even from the start, the lead in from the first track “Forthcoming” going to “God Dammit” scared the piss out of me in more ways that your grandpa can explain his old stories from World War II.

Further tracks, such as “The Dead [featuring The Wolf] ” and “Murder” enumerate the anger that is felt and heard through and through. And it never lets up.

And if you have seen the band live already, you already know the words to their smash tune “Nobody”… say them with me:

“Nobody fucks you like I fuck you!”

Coronado lyrically paints a picture that is equal to the Mona Lisa. Then mask it all up with black paint until there is nothing but a dark soul. And then takes a shit on the frame before giving it the finger and expects you to just deal with it.

Other  guest appearances are noted vocalists such as Corpse Queen, and Amanda Maddera (formerly of Casket of Cassandra). Equally haunting and wicked on both participants. On tracks “Kill” and “Warfare” respectively.

“Your Promise” gives one last shot at a chill to crawl down your back with words such as “Promise me you’ll love me, before you hate me” and it grabs your attention and throws it down into a choke hold.

The official release of this album will be August 8, 2017.

This album rates at 12 life sentences without parole… out of 12.

Buy it!!

The Crowned

Edit: While listening to this album in preparation of writing this review, I had a visit from the local Sheriff’s Department based in part to a noise complaint. It was super loud. Nothing could have been worse for them to knock on the door during the pivotal section of the track “Nobody”.
Lessons learned.


One thought on “The Crowned-“Apparition” (2017)

  1. Great review , i’ve known Marc , eric and shane for years now and all i can say that this is one for the books. i’m proud of them.


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