The Mrs- “Five Minutes” (2018-EP)


Mandy – Guitar/Vocals
Jenny – Bass/Vocals
Larissa – Keyboard/Vocals
Andra – Drums/Vocals

The Mrs is a pop/rock band based in Austin, Texas. I most recently caught their latest performance at Kindnesspalooza during SXSW 2018 Music Festival. This was the second time that I have seen them play live. The first being 2017’s Heart of Texas RockFest during SXSW of the same year. It came as as massive surprise then. I may not have been been a fan for very long, but I got here as soon as I could.

So it was an easy decision for me to obtain their newest recording. And then ask them all to autograph it.

Although I don’t want to give everything away, I’ll just leave a few short notes about the EP and hope that you get it for yourselves.

Five Minutes” is a small collection of tunes which set my senses on fire. “Somewhere To Go” had me running for the tissues as I was covered in both chills throughout my body and tears forming in my eyes. Their melodies and harmonies are something to consume.

The Mrs always has that positive, uplifting, encouraging, and not to mention very empowering message throughout their music. And this is why you need to find this EP for yourself! Putting everything together into one purely solid piece of flawless music. Every man, woman, and child should at least once in their life either see them perform live or hear just one song.

I am hoping to get their EP “Enough” and their full length eponymous album.

Five Minutes” is hot!!


Black Heart Saints- “Alive”(2017)


Josh “Mr. Sexy” Ross – Vocals
Mark Sean – Guitar
EJ Laurel – Bass
Nathan “Nasty Nate” Flores – Drums

The end of waiting is here!!

Black Heart Saints has triumphantly released their album “Alive” at long last!!

Some may remember the review I did for their EP in January 2016. Now they are back.

And it has more scorching hits on it than a Texas summer heat wave. Finally, and I mean  FINALLY a full length album to review.

Nine tracks and two covers. An excellent way to get a band’s discography off the ground and running. A fascinating intro and lead off track that will make you stop whatever it is you are doing and listen intently as it busts into the next track called “One Last Thrill” which has recently been played at live shows to get your blood pumping and in the mood.

I cannot say enough praise for the rest of the tracks that follow, such as “Travelin’ On” (which is the album’s lead single) and “Quicksand” and “Call To Arms”. The latter couple of the aforementioned tracks becoming my personal favorites.

The sweltering voice of vocalist Josh Ross, aka Mr. Sexy, captures the heart and soul of the term best described as American rock and roll. With a cast of uber talented musicians with Mark Sean on guitar,  Nasty Nate on drums, and EJ Laurel slinging  some heavy bomb beat on the bass guitar.

Sean’s guitar solos are a force!! He has molded the craft on his instrument into a shining gold star. EJ Laurel also lending a hand with some backing vocals. Everything comes all together in one mighty strong effort that will keep your attention from beginning to end, and have you wanting more.

And I cannot forget the special guest appearance musician of Haydn Vitera on violin for the tracks “Quicksand” and “Call To Arms”. (Just between you and me a tour combining VITERA with Black Heart Saints would an excellent show.)

“Come Together” by The Beatles and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder does not disappoint. And I also believe it exudes great light on the band’s own personal musical influences, and they are vast.

I am excited to see where this will lead them. They start a tour in a few days which will lead them to Sturgis this year and back again. So keep an eye out for them as they hit the road.

And you will see what I am talking about through and through.

Solid album. Again another 4 Black Hearts out of 4. ♥♥♥♥

Check them out at:

Black Heart Saints





The Crowned-“Apparition” (2017)

Marc Coronado- Vocals/Drums
Shane Ellis- Lead Guitar
Eric Salinas-Rhythm Guitar
Johnny Danger- Bass Guitar

I got my hands on a pre-order for the album “Apparition” by The Crowned.

You may have seen them touring in Winter 2017 with HELL YEAH. And they’ve blasted off into space ever since.

I am blown away at this album, being that this is the first ever album that this band has ever released. And it remains consistent from literal beginning to end.

This album is brutal!! Even from the start, the lead in from the first track “Forthcoming” going to “God Dammit” scared the piss out of me in more ways that your grandpa can explain his old stories from World War II.

Further tracks, such as “The Dead [featuring The Wolf] ” and “Murder” enumerate the anger that is felt and heard through and through. And it never lets up.

And if you have seen the band live already, you already know the words to their smash tune “Nobody”… say them with me:

“Nobody fucks you like I fuck you!”

Coronado lyrically paints a picture that is equal to the Mona Lisa. Then mask it all up with black paint until there is nothing but a dark soul. And then takes a shit on the frame before giving it the finger and expects you to just deal with it.

Other  guest appearances are noted vocalists such as Corpse Queen, and Amanda Maddera (formerly of Casket of Cassandra). Equally haunting and wicked on both participants. On tracks “Kill” and “Warfare” respectively.

“Your Promise” gives one last shot at a chill to crawl down your back with words such as “Promise me you’ll love me, before you hate me” and it grabs your attention and throws it down into a choke hold.

The official release of this album will be August 8, 2017.

This album rates at 12 life sentences without parole… out of 12.

Buy it!!

The Crowned

Edit: While listening to this album in preparation of writing this review, I had a visit from the local Sheriff’s Department based in part to a noise complaint. It was super loud. Nothing could have been worse for them to knock on the door during the pivotal section of the track “Nobody”.
Lessons learned.

Inside The World Of Sault

I have felt compelled to write after hearing a live studio appearance of a metal band named “Sault.”

This band was brought to my attention when the band One-Eyed Doll was in town. Guest guitarist Riggs Arcanium (of Arcanium fame) took to the stage during a few songs alongside One-Eyed Doll vocalist, Kimberly Freeman.

After the show, I was pleasantly surprised to have a one on one conversation with Riggs. From that point he told me of this music project he was involved with called “Sault.”

Eagerly, I had been waiting to hear something… anything from them.

Fast forward to the other night where Sault was on live radio by KGFRocks.

Set course for detonation overload.

I feel literally to my knees hearing “Guilt” for the first time. I went back to listen over and over and over and over again.

I would not be able to break the repetitious listening mega fest for too long as the heavy-hitting tune “Adonai” came across the air waves.

Personally I was not aware that Riggs was in charge of vocals at first. But now that I know this to be fact, I honestly wished I had his vocal style as well as range. Other members of the band are from the band Kamelot.

I’m going to make this brief but very clear. You need to go to their website and listen to the selections that they have available and turn that sucker up to twelve!!!

More information as it becomes available. I just felt the need to make this introduction.

TVCS #51 KGFRocks w/Sault

Sault Home Page

The Reverent Few (2016-EP)

Vocals: Paige DeChausse

Guitar, Vocals: Nick Boettcher

Guitar, Vocals: David Jimenez

Bass: Amanda Darnell

Drums: John Kalny

This EP is your once in a lifetime shining star. It is also the exception to my rule.

For your absolute listening pleasure to the point of audio orgasm, comes along a blues/rock band with their leads hailing from Chicago, Illinois area transplanted into Austin, Texas just a couple of years ago or so.

The Reverent Few is truly a local treasure. A hidden gem from much of the world. And its the job of reviews such as this, to speak the word to the rest of the listening world to spread what has turned into the year’s best EP purchase of 2016!!!

Exploding out of the gates with a seriously addicting and toe-tapping tune of “Marjorie” to the soulful tear-producing ballad of “I’ll Bring The Wine (Why Can’t You Love Me),” The Reverent Few is the complete definition of magical mastery in music. An all-star collection that is sure to reach the deepest parts of your soul. It truly is sexy soul with rock and roll.

Worth every cent. Check them out here.

Ten snake bites out of ten. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS NOW!!

Meeting The Boleys

Music is universal. A language that everyone speaks even if two people do not understand one another’s words. And there is a music style and genre for every body who inhabits this planet of ours.

And now I have the honor and distinct pleasure of introducing to you, The Boleys.

A musical trip that fills the voids of everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they like. The Boleys just outside of Austin, Texas is a spectacular family trio that will soften the hearts of even the world’s toughest critics.

My first taste of them was short in sweet during the 2015 Holiday season during a Toys for Tots concert.

Once they started playing and singing, it was like one glorious genre in and of itself. And it is just the three of them on stage. A family; siblings.

And the one thing that really flipped me out was the fact that the drummer was playing with no shoes. I had never seen that before.

Yes indeed. Ethan, Joe, and Emma Boley are an absolute joy upon one’s hearing. After hearing all the heavy, harsh, and pounding music of Austin’s metal scene… The Boleys is that perfect dessert-like compliment.

This band has a bright future ahead of them. All paths are open and everything is possible! The only thing that I would change about it, is the fact that they are not getting any press. No recognition. And there’s tons of potential between all three members.

The recognition would not be wasted or lost. In fact, The Boleys DESERVE that chance. Even if you believe that their style of grunge, punk, and psychedelic rock is not your thing. They are commanding of your attention.

Their talents run deep into their family tree as this writer understands that one and/or both of their parents were at one point in the music scene themselves. Its in their genes to perform. Its in their blood to entertain. And they just want a chance to rock!

I got the chance to follow through in a week’s time during SXSW Music Festival. With each and every show they performed, they took over the stage and made it theirs. And you could tell that they were giving it their all.

Dear Readers: The Boleys are the real deal!!!

You need to at least check them out. If you don’t, you will be missing something important from life.


Vitera- Tequila Rock (2016-EP)


So I have a special treat for you. If you love that sound that infuses one genre with another with another, quite possibly with another.

VITERA is back with another round of puro latin flavor/sabor  blending with the pounding rock your parents (or grandparents) used to warn you about.

Five awesome tracks for your complete enjoyment with special guests such as Vanessa Del Fierro , Omar Vallejo, Dan “MF” Corona, Alex Ruiz, David Vitera, just to name a few.

I’m not going to give much away with so few tracks, but it is guaranteed to get your culos shaking. From the nod to those who ride to live and live to ride, to the struggle just to make a living. A struggle we all can relate with in one way or another.

VITERA has always been defined to me as “labors of love” and I’d believe it. VITERA is essentially in one phrase: MUSIC WITH MEANING.

This EP earns 9 out of 9 Tequila Shots. 

“Tequila Rock” is now available on iTunes.