The Mrs- “Five Minutes” (2018-EP)


Mandy – Guitar/Vocals
Jenny – Bass/Vocals
Larissa – Keyboard/Vocals
Andra – Drums/Vocals

The Mrs is a pop/rock band based in Austin, Texas. I most recently caught their latest performance at Kindnesspalooza during SXSW 2018 Music Festival. This was the second time that I have seen them play live. The first being 2017’s Heart of Texas RockFest during SXSW of the same year. It came as as massive surprise then. I may not have been been a fan for very long, but I got here as soon as I could.

So it was an easy decision for me to obtain their newest recording. And then ask them all to autograph it.

Although I don’t want to give everything away, I’ll just leave a few short notes about the EP and hope that you get it for yourselves.

Five Minutes” is a small collection of tunes which set my senses on fire. “Somewhere To Go” had me running for the tissues as I was covered in both chills throughout my body and tears forming in my eyes. Their melodies and harmonies are something to consume.

The Mrs always has that positive, uplifting, encouraging, and not to mention very empowering message throughout their music. And this is why you need to find this EP for yourself! Putting everything together into one purely solid piece of flawless music. Every man, woman, and child should at least once in their life either see them perform live or hear just one song.

I am hoping to get their EP “Enough” and their full length eponymous album.

Five Minutes” is hot!!


The Reverent Few (2016-EP)

Vocals: Paige DeChausse

Guitar, Vocals: Nick Boettcher

Guitar, Vocals: David Jimenez

Bass: Amanda Darnell

Drums: John Kalny

This EP is your once in a lifetime shining star. It is also the exception to my rule.

For your absolute listening pleasure to the point of audio orgasm, comes along a blues/rock band with their leads hailing from Chicago, Illinois area transplanted into Austin, Texas just a couple of years ago or so.

The Reverent Few is truly a local treasure. A hidden gem from much of the world. And its the job of reviews such as this, to speak the word to the rest of the listening world to spread what has turned into the year’s best EP purchase of 2016!!!

Exploding out of the gates with a seriously addicting and toe-tapping tune of “Marjorie” to the soulful tear-producing ballad of “I’ll Bring The Wine (Why Can’t You Love Me),” The Reverent Few is the complete definition of magical mastery in music. An all-star collection that is sure to reach the deepest parts of your soul. It truly is sexy soul with rock and roll.

Worth every cent. Check them out here.

Ten snake bites out of ten. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS NOW!!

Black Heart Saints (EP-2014)


Josh Ross – Vocals
Mark Sean – Guitar
EJ Laurel – Bass
Nathan Flores – Drums

I have been waiting to get my hands on this one for about two months now.

To start with, I am going to take a quote from the film, “Friday After Next”.. paraphrased.

This music is so damned good, it makes you wanna slap yo mama!

Black Heart Saints is a breath of fresh air inside of the already convoluted and surfeit music scene of Austin, Texas.

This four song gem was worth the sacrifice as well as the money. Their music matches their frenzied stage show. In which many people have come to me and have described it in their own words.

“Touch The Sky” is one song that you will listen to, and you will not be able to sit still. It summons every fiber of your being to get up and move. “Wasting Away” will also get your head banging, your pulse pounding, and your blood flowing.

After exploding on to the scene from SXSW Festival in 2014, Black Heart Saints has been polishing their musical reputation ever since, opening for top name bands.

Honestly… what more could you want in a band that is making its way to the top, and taking no prisoners?? This is a ride you wanna get in on.

After recently playing with Texas legends Dangerous Toys in 2015 and ORGY during the first weekend of 2016, Black Heart Saints is finding its fan base growing in a rapid explosion. Their music matches their energy and the band is no joke. Top notch serious musicians wanting to get their message out to the world and taking everyone in one at a time.

This EP earns a 4 out of 4 Black Hearts. ♥♥♥♥

If you wanna get to rockin’ or if you really want something to fill your eyes for a live performance. Black Heart Saints is the band for you!!!!