Vitera- Tequila Rock (2016-EP)


So I have a special treat for you. If you love that sound that infuses one genre with another with another, quite possibly with another.

VITERA is back with another round of puro latin flavor/sabor  blending with the pounding rock your parents (or grandparents) used to warn you about.

Five awesome tracks for your complete enjoyment with special guests such as Vanessa Del Fierro , Omar Vallejo, Dan “MF” Corona, Alex Ruiz, David Vitera, just to name a few.

I’m not going to give much away with so few tracks, but it is guaranteed to get your culos shaking. From the nod to those who ride to live and live to ride, to the struggle just to make a living. A struggle we all can relate with in one way or another.

VITERA has always been defined to me as “labors of love” and I’d believe it. VITERA is essentially in one phrase: MUSIC WITH MEANING.

This EP earns 9 out of 9 Tequila Shots. 

“Tequila Rock” is now available on¬†iTunes.