Mandy Prater- “Those Days” (2008)


Mandy Prater –
Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Tambourine, Kazoo, and pretty much EVERY DAMN THING

In the vein of music discovery from one artist or band to the next, enters a one woman phenomenon that is tucked up in the corner of Austin’s music scene.

Having found Mandy Prater through her most current project The Mrs, I was informed that she had this album from back in 2008.

I jumped at the chance to listen. Even a full decade later after its initial release.

Not only was I thrilled, I was filled with that same great emotion that I am familiar with whenever I see AND hear her perform live in current times. And the album broke through the walls of anything I could have ever imagined or expected.

There is no doubt that Prater is a powerhouse in all that she does on the album. She handles every little facet that you hear on each and every track from the vocals to the instruments.

Starting from the title track that grips you and doesn’t let go, Prater’s awesome passion for music and its art is very distinguishable. You know that she is to be taken seriously and that she is here to stay. Other tracks such as “Kill The Messenger” and “Parachute My Paramour” are gratifying.

If one remembers and likes the grit and grind of Janis Joplin, you will love Mandy Prater at a point from the early start of her music career.  Her vocals are sublime with a range from mollifying to explosive and authoritative.

Do yourself a favor and relish in this art and find yourself a copy of the album.

This is absolutely something that fires from all cylinders. Truly authentic!

And I may be very late in finding such a gem. But I got to it as fast as I could. I look forward to following Mandy Prater in her future musical endeavors.


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